Monday, September 19, 2011

Glacier National Park Packers Roost Trailhead

As you driving up the Going to the Sun Road you will see an unpaved road to the left that leads to Packers Roost Trailhead. The gravel road is very narrow and goes about 2/3 of a mile and ends in a small clearing with areas for parking. This road is used by trucks carrying horses that pack up supplies to the Granite Park Chalet. When you on the Packer's Roost Trailhead you will come to a fork to the right that will lead to "The Loop" of the "Granite Park Chalet." The trail to Flattop and Granite Park begins to the right of the patrol cabin. 

The area is still forested nicely until you get to the burn from the Trapper Creek Fire of 2005. 
 We always see a lot of caterpillars on the trails. I will try to ID them.
 Trapper Creek Fire of 2005
 Nice red berries along the way
 Looking up at Heaven's Peak in Glacier National Park is just beautiful!

 It's lunch time along the way. Great place along the creek to rest and eat lunch.

 Looking up at the Garden Wall

 Tree fungus 
Also I read somehwhere "back in the day" the McDonald Creek Trailhead was a popular way to reach Fifty Mountain and eventually Goat Haunt. That trail has been abandoned sine the late 60s and is no longer passable by ordinary humans. I heard there was also a trail up Mineral Creek past a creek called I believe Cattle Queen Creek to the Highline Trail. 

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